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Travelmate Deluxe Cruizer

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Travelmate Deluxe Cruizer (Big Wheels)

Included with the Cruizer version of the Travelmate Deluxe:

·         Large All –Terrain Tires in the back

·         Swivel Wheels in the front

·         Universal Infant/Toddler Seat Adaptor with strap for Infant Seats

·         Hands free foot brake feature

It’s not just a compact car seat carrier ….It is a true, one-handed travel system.

·         One hand to carry

·         One hand to unfold

·         One hand to push

Great news!  With the Travelmate Deluxe Cruizer you can leave the big, heavy and expensive stroller at home! The Travelmate Deluxe Cruizer is the perfect compact stroller solution for errands, day trips, vacations, travel and more.

You may be asking yourself, “What is the difference between the Deluxe Cruizer and the standard Travelmate Deluxe?” 

Thanks to the Deluxe Cruizer’s larger all-terrain wheels, you can easily cruise over all types of terrain and enjoy a smooth ride for extended periods of time, making the Deluxe Cruizer a great alternative to a regular, bulky stroller for day trips, errands and daily life.  Additionally the larger wheels give your little one a boost, and allows the seat to sit a bit higher from the ground.

No more awkwardly carrying your baby in the infant car seat for those quick trips into the store. The Travelmate Deluxe Cruizer is so compact and maneuverable you can pull it out from the back seat of your car and take it anywhere – restaurants, coffee shops, drug stores, doctor's office visits, taxis, trains and more.

The Travelmate Deluxe Cruizer is the perfect solution for parents on the go.

Recommended for children ages 3 months to 4 years.

Have two kids and need to connect two Travelmate Deluxe Cruizers together? Check out our Travelmate Deluxe & Cruizer Twins Adapter.



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