Utilizing a product safely requires active involvement from parents. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with our products and the safety sections of the manuals provided. Make sure you are comfortable with how the product works and please review the helpful tips provided by the manufacturer. A car seat belt is useless if it is not buckled in.

The same applies to children’s products. When using the gogo Kidz® Travelmate or Infant Cruizer make sure to utilize the restraint devices already in place in your car seat. The Urban Advantage® stroller has a 5 point harness for added safety and a patented kickstand system, but if they are not connected they can’t help.

Be attentive! While traveling with your child distractions often arise. Make sure you are aware of your child and interaction with our products at all times. A cell phone call, a chance run in with a friend or something as simple as bending over to tie your own shoe can create opportunity for mishaps.

Many strollers roll down inclines or low graded paths when the parent looks away for only a moment. Whenever you are not in control of the product, make sure to use the brake/ securing system provided. Make sure to inspect your product often. You check the oil in your car; why not check the connection points and tires periodically on your children’s products. Make sure the wheels are connected properly and that the product functions as it should. Children spend as much time in strollers and travel devices as we do in our cars. Maintenance will not only help keep your child safe but increase the life of the product.

Please read the entire Operating & Safety Manual of any Go-Go Babyz product you purchase. The manuals outline many other safety issues that all parents and caregivers should be aware of.

We highly recommend that you try your Travelmate product a few days prior to traveling to become familiar with the product and to make sure everything is working properly.

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