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Travelmate Diaper Pouch

Go-Go Babyz® has made traveling even more convenient with the new Diaper Pouch. The Diaper Pouch easily attaches to your gogo Kidz® Travelmate & Infant Cruizer handle (or any 2-bar luggage handle) with heavy-duty velcro. The Diaper Pouch has a sturdy handle and two generous compartments that can store diapers, wipes, 2 bottles or sippy cups with a third pocket to store your cellphone & keys.

The Daiper Pouch is a great solution for errands, quick trips, or traveling when you don't want to bring your big diaper bag, and  as an added bonus it doubles as a compact travel bag providing a great place to store your boarding pass, passport, and other travel essentials for easy access.

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